Nut-free Biscotti

The Great British Bake Off Round Up

My challenge to myself to make all of the technical challenges from The Great British Bake Off has stalled slightly. And by that I mean VERY far behind. I will get there in the end though.

There are a few of the technicals that I won’t be making, as there as some things that were far too nutty or far too insane (tennis cake, I’m looking at you).

For for the technicals I miss I’ll make a signatre or showstopper from the same week instead.

So as well as making the technical challenge each week for The Great British Bake Off Challenge I’ve been doing a couple of extra baking challenges on a more ad hoc basis. For biscuit week I also made

Biscuit week bonus – Biscotti

I’ve never actually eaten biscotti (damn nut allergy), so I wanted to give making them ago so I could try them! I started off with a basic Leith’s recipe and played around a bit. These have cranberries and sunflower seeds and are dipped in dark chocolate.

Verdict: Great dunked in tea

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Mojito Layer Cake top view

Mojito Layer Cake

I very rarely bake any thing that is both totally delicious and totally gorgeous.  And that’s not false modesty. Occasionally I make some particularly pretty biscuits which taste … fine. More often I make a great tasting loaf or cake or pudding which gets no more dressing up than a dollop of yogurt when I eat a slice.

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Great British Bake Off Spanische Windtorte

Great British Bake Off: Week 4

Right, take a deep breath, it’s time for Spanische Windtorte. I think I’m right in saying that no one has ever made this pudding. Or seen one. Or made one.

The joy of the enforced bake is that I have to make it, even if I look at it and want to cry because it’s super complicated. So I took a deep breath and quite a few hours and jumped into a world full of meringue.

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Great British Bake Off: week 3

Oh, bread. Bread is one of the best foods in the world, and I loved bread week on Bake Off. I still can’t get over the bread lion. Serious respect to Paul!

Bread is not one of my strong points. I don’t make it very often, mainly because the boyf is really, really good at it. So usually I just get to eat what he’s made! That said, I was looking forward to the baguette challenge precisely because it’s something I’m not used to making.

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Harissa Cauliflower Tabbouleh

I’ve been watching the recent-ish trend for vegan and paleo food from the sidelines, mainly because it is almost 100% incompatible with a nut and coconut allergy. Bummer.
Harrissa Cauli Tabbouleh

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Hot Cross Bun Fudge

I’ve come the the realisation that I need to get over myself.

Over the last few months I have spent many a weekend pottering about the house, baking something delicious, photographing it and editing the photos while I eat it. I even have separate folders and a naming convention for images in Google drive. But by the time I get to the point of posting I lose all confidence in my photos and the recipes I’m posting. So the photos sit there, the blogs stay as drafts and I get frustrated at myself.

Hot Cross bun fudge 3

I started this blog because I wanted to share the things I bake with other people. I love sharing recipes . I love coming up with ways to make recipes nut and coconut free so I can eat them. I love cooking!

My resolution going forward is to relax more. I’m not setting a schedule, and sometimes (like today) recipes won’t be tied in the season. But they will always be things I’ve made that I think are delicious, interesting and worth sharing. And as I go along I will improve.

Hot Cross bun fudge 2

The change starts here! So I thought I’d share an Easter recipe far too long after Easter. I saw this fudge recipe in Delicious Magazine and couldn’t wait to try it. My attempts at fudge have always been…mixed. I’ve never managed to achieve a smooth, creamy consistency. The basic recipe for this fudge is time consuming but worth it for the texture of the fudge you’ll get at the end. (You also need to beat it by hand for 15 mins – put some tunes on and stick with it!) I also used homemade candied orange in the fudge in mixed size pieces, as I find bought candied peel a bit fake tasting.

Hot Cross bun fudge 1

I sent a batch of this to work with my boyfriend (who works at the National Trust) to share with his volunteers, as they tend to be my barometer of success with a recipe.  The visitor’s centre liked the fudge so much they made their own batch for visitors and sent me a box as a thank you!

All in all, there is no reason for you not to make this fudge, even if it isn’t Hot Cross Bun season any more. Try the recipe and let me know how it goes – I’m planning my next flavours and will share how they go.

Hot Cross bun fudge 4


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Salted Cardamon Fudge

I really enjoy pottering around in the kitchen. Whether its making dinner, whipping up a cake or making something special, I find the process of chopping, stirring and baking calming. Even if I’ve had a stressful day, I know I can make something tasty, and if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter.

There is another side to my style which is a bit more … haphazard. I don’t really plan what I’m going to make very far in advance. Sometimes I get halfway through a recipe and realise I don’t have all the ingredients, or have forgotten to heat the oven or grease the cake tin.

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Chocolate & Seed Date Bars (Nut-Free)

There are times when having a nut allergy is a massive pain. Recently, lots of my friends have been munching away on fruit and nut snack bars like Nakd. Pinterest also seems in love with date & nut bars. And the fact that I can’t eat them makes me really annoyed! They look so tasty and (almost) healthy.

Date & Seeds Bars (nut-free)

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