About me

Woman with brown bob and glasses laughing holding cakeHello there!

I’m Ruth and the only thing I like more than cooking food is eating.

This blog is where I share recipes and idea for delicious food. Every recipe is nut-free and coconut-free to fit in with my allergies, and very often you’ll find its vegetarian or vegan too.

Flavour is the most important thing for me, and I love trying out new combinations as much as I enjoy the classics. As you might have already worked out, cinnamon is a staple, and I’ve tried adding it to most things.

Baking brings me joy and calm when I’m struggling to find it elsewhere. I promise you’ll never find any food-guilt or cake-shame here, just some cake recipes and honesty.

Happy baking!


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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I make scones quite often. They are very variable as I no longer weigh the ingredients, but I wonder whether you have a perfect scone recipe – cheese or fruit?

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