Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Malted Chocolate Chip CookiesOver the last year or so I’ve tried to be more structured in the way I bake. That might means noting down where a recipe is from, tweaks I’ve made or how I’ve constructed a recipe from various places, rather than just chucking stuff in and hoping for the best and totally failing to replicate it later on, or using a recipe I found online and never being able to find it again. My bullet journal, which I use to order my brain, is basically lovely layout pages interspersed with scribbles covered cake mix. Once those scribbles are a secure method, I write them up and stick them in a huge book my mum and sister gave me when I went to uni (it also has some excellent life tips in from my mum!). Although the system isn’t new, I have been making more of an effort and its been paying off in spades – no more dredging though endless screenshots of recipes and google search histories. Continue reading