Vegan Sprinkles made with Aquafaba

I am not the kind of person who makes homemade sprinkles. Fiddly, unnecessary and pretentious would spring to mind whenever I read a blog post or saw an Instagram post espousing how we should all make them from scratch.Vegan Sprinkles made with Aquafaba

But recently more and more sprinkle brands that are easy to buy are adding coconut or groundnut oil to their recipes, and due my my pesky allergies that takes them off the table. Rather than moan about the lack of range of sprinkles on offer for me, I decided to take matters into my own hands. This also coincided with my experiments with aquafaba, the cooking liquid from chickpeas and other legumes which has similar properties to egg whites. Every time I open a tin of chickpeas I freeze the aquafaba ready for later, so I’m building up quite a stash.Vegan Sprinkles made with Aquafaba

Then I read Josie from Sugar and Satire‘s post and recipe for Vegan sprinkles made with aquafaba on Instagram and knew I had to try them (you should try out all her recipes – they’re awesome!). The recipe itself is super easy, but the piping takes AGES. You will have hand cramps by the end of your piping session, and I’d recommend covering your whole table in greaseproof paper before you start so you don’t have to faff around in between batches. And stick on a film!Malted Millionaire's Shortbread

But you know what? It was worth it! Pretty vegan and nut free sprinkles in the exact colours I wanted all stacked up in the cupboard to pretty up my baking without fear of an allergic reaction. So far I’ve used them to top Millionaire’s Shortbread, Cupcakes and various other bakes, and I still have loads left! Easy Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes

Recipe: Vegan Sprinkles made with Aquafaba (recipe from Sugar and Satire)




45ml aquafaba

enough icing sugar to make a very thick icing, 250g or more

1 tsp lemon extract, or whatever flavouring you choose

Food colourings of your choice, gel is best



  1. Whisk up the aquafaba until frothy and mix in the icing sugar and flavouring. You want a very thick icing that is just runny enough to pipe out and keep its shape.
  2. Split into as many bowls as you would like colours. Colour each with gel colours. Pop in a piping bag with a very fine circle tip. If you don’t have more than one tip, cover the other bowls until you use them.
  3. Pipe out into long lines onto greaseproof paper. It will take AGES! have patience and take breaks if you need to.
  4. Leave to dry overnight, then break them into whatever sized pieces you’d like.

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