Tudor Jumble Biscuits: Great British Bake Off Week 8

Tudor week on The Great British Bake Off was a bit underwhelming. I was expecting huge banquet levels of food and enough meat to give the whole country gout. Instead, there was the fairly obligatory hand raised pie (see mine from last year – complete with pastry dinosaurs!), a big marzipan thing (bad for nut allergies) and Jumbles.

Tudor Jumble Biscuits side view with blue napkin

Jumbles are never going to be my favourite biscuit. The dough is quite dry, almost like a dense ladyfinger, and the texture is quite close. SHAPE

Tudor Jumble Biscuits Celtic knots

The revelation, however, is the combination of lemon zest and anise, caraway and nutmeg (didn’t have any mace). Normally I’d use spices like this with orange, but the lemon gives them a lighter, more fragrant flavour. I’ll be using the combination again in something different in the future – shortbread, or even a drizzle cake.

Tudor Jumble Biscuits side view on blue napkin

Recipe: Tudor Jumble Biscuits

I followed the BBC website recipe pretty closely, using nutmeg instead of mace, as my spice cupboard is already full and I couldn’t justify buying more!

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