Nut-free Bakewell Tart: Great British Bake Off Week 5

Stubbornness runs in my family. A lot. In particular the women in my family don’t tend to take no for an answer, and I love that about them.Side view of tart with pink pattern on white icing

So when I found out that this week’s Great British Bake Off Technical Challenge was a Bakewell Tart, I decided to be stubborn. I’ve never eaten one, due to my nut allergy, so have no idea what it tastes like, and I refuse to bake something I can’t eat! Last year I did a bit of research into alternatives for frangipane, and experimented with using ground pumpkin seeds instead of almonds in a Spiced Plum Tart. So not quite Bakewell Tart it is this week!

Inside of tart showing layersIt almost feels like cheating but I already had some pastry in the freezer from when I ran out of enthusiasm to make a tart a few weeks ago, which made the whole thing much easier. The pumpkin seed frangipane does have a particular taste and a green hue. It’s nice, but very clearly not Bakewell Tart according to my tester. The combo of raspberry jam goes well with it, and who doesn’t like pastry?Top view of tart with slices out of it and two plate with slice on each


I do think the icing is a bit too much sweetness. Next time I’d just stud the top with whole pumpkin seeds for a more rustic look. I also totally failed to do feathering. The icing was too thick and had dried before I piped on the pink. No star baker for me this week, but I’m pretty chuffed that I managed to pull all my ideas together into something tasty! The nut-free experiments will continue.


Recipe: Nut-free Bakewell Tart

Sweet pastry – make your favourite. I use a Lily Vanilli recipe.

Raspberry Jam

Icing sugar

Pink food colouring

Frangipane ingredients (makes e

nough for two tarts – freeze the rest!) (adapted from a Lily Vanilli recipe)

230g butter at room temperature

230g caster sugar

230g  ground pumpkin seeds (do them in an electric spice grinder to get them nice and fine)

3 eggs

50g plain flour


  1. Roll out pastry and push into tin. Refrigerate for an hour.
  2. Prick base all over with a fork and blind bake your pastry for 15 mins at 200C. Take out baking beads and bake for an extra 5 mins until the base is cooked. Leave to cool.
  3. Meanwhile, make the frangipane. Cream the butter and sugar in a stand mixer until fully combined and fluffy. Add the ground pumpkin seeds  this is where things get green! Mix to combine.
  4. Add the eggs one at a time, mixing in between each addition.
  5. Last, mix in the flour until combined.
  6. Spread jam in the pastry base to cover, then tops with splodges of frangipane. Using an offset spatula, level it off, trying not to get any jam on top as you go. Bake at 160C for 25-35 mins. When you insert a cocktail stick in it should come out clean. Leave to cool completely.
  7. Make up icing. put some to one side and add pink food colouring. Spread white icing over cake and pipe lines of pink in a cross-hatch.

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