Lacey Heart Pancakes: Great British Bake Off Week 4

Pancakes are great. They take no time to make, and you can eat 1 or 100 and they still taste just as good. Lemon with sugar, maple syrup and compote are all great. The Great British Bake Off batter week has really over-complicated things.Three heart shapes pancakes

Making lacy pancakes, as you might expect, takes a lot of time and faff. And the thing is, they taste less good than regular pancakes. Who wants holes for the topping to fall through? Don’t get it myself.

One lacy pacakesIt might just be that I’m taking out my terrible lacing skills on the pancakes. I don’t own a squeezy bottle, so tried a piping bag, but obviously stopping the flow of batter does not really work in the same way at buttercream. Runny batter = inaccurate and messy pancakes. Don’t get me wrong, I still ate them, but next time I’ll just make plain old pancakes.

Recipe: Lacey Heart Pancakes

Using the BBC recipe, halve the ingredients (just use 1 whole egg). I’d recommend getting a squeezy bottle!


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