Viennese Whirls: Great British Bake Off Week 2

Biscuit week on the Great British Bake Off has arrived and brought a new technical challenge: Viennese Whirls.

Viennese Whirls were always one of my absolute favourite treats as a kid. The combination of two fillings, crumbly biscuit and a dusting of icing sugar felt very fancy to me. Whenever there was a box with some left, I’d get to work polishing off the remaining biscuits (A common theme of greediness – see also Jaffa Cakes and Marshmallow Teacakes).side view of viennese whirls with jam and cream

Now it just so happens that I have actually made Viennese Whirls before, during my “I don’t have timeĀ to soften butter” phase. Unsurprisingly, those whirls were an unpipeable nightmare and split several piping bags.

I’ve learnt my lesson, and these days even have a handy live-in boyfriend I can text before I get on the tube home, meaning my butter is the perfect temperature when I get home for an evening of baking. Now that is fancy.

top view of biscuits with icing sugar

This batch of Viennese Whirls turned out so much better – crumbly biscuits, fluffy buttercream and a nice tart pop of blackcurrant jam. I cheated a bit and used the shop-bought jam from the fridge, because who has the money to buy raspberries and make jam? Not me anyway.side view of biscuits plus piping bag

A few were a little uneven, mainly down to the need for speed piping to get them baked in time, but overall I was pretty chuffed. Roll on bread week and the terrors of yeast – I’m ready for you!mug with tree print next to biscuit on plate

Recipe: Viennese Whirls

Follow the Mary Berry recipe to the letter, but use shop bought jam instead of making your own. Blackcurrant is delicious, but use your favourite.

2 thoughts on “Viennese Whirls: Great British Bake Off Week 2

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