The Great British Bake Off Round Up

My challenge to myself to make all of the technical challenges from The Great British Bake Off has stalled slightly. And by that I mean VERY far behind. I will get there in the end though.

There are a few of the technicals that I won’t be making, as there as some things that were far too nutty or far too insane (tennis cake, I’m looking at you).

For for the technicals I miss I’ll make a signatre or showstopper from the same week instead.

So as well as making the technical challenge each week for The Great British Bake Off Challenge I’ve been doing a couple of extra baking challenges on a more ad hoc basis. For biscuit week I also made

Biscuit week bonus – Biscotti

I’ve never actually eaten biscotti (damn nut allergy), so I wanted to give making them ago so I could try them! I started off with a basic Leith’s recipe and played around a bit. These have cranberries and sunflower seeds and are dipped in dark chocolate.

Verdict: Great dunked in tea

Pastry week – nut free Frangipane Tart

Again, never had frangipane, so thought I’d give it a go without nuts. I used pumpkin seed meal in place of almond. It tasted really nice with the spiced plums I put in, and was the first time I’ve made sweet pastry sucessfully.

Verdict: with a few tweaks this is going to be delicious. Nut free frangipan is a goer!

Victorian week – Game Pie

This was a revelation. Hot water crust pie is so easy to make and to work with! I’ve been put off in the past because of the lard, which kind of scares me. No more. I can’t wait to try pork pies. I filled this pie with roasted veg, spinach and goats cheese, mainly to save money. Game is expensive!

Verdict: hell yes to pie.

Just gluten free pittas, Mokatines, Chocolate souffle and Mille-fleuille to go!

2 thoughts on “The Great British Bake Off Round Up

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