Great British Bake Off: Week 4

Right, take a deep breath, it’s time for Spanische Windtorte. I think I’m right in saying that no one has ever made this pudding. Or seen one. Or made one.

The joy of the enforced bake is that I have to make it, even if I look at it and want to cry because it’s super complicated. So I took a deep breath and quite a few hours and jumped into a world full of meringue.

I made a half size of the recipe, because cream and meringue do not keep well, and I didn’t want to use 12 egg white (12!! Ridiculous…) I also ended up making some fondant, because I’m ridiculous, and also because I don’t just have 3 colours of fondant sitting around in the cupboards. I made up a mini batch of marshmallow fondant and spent a long time playing around with it to get the texture right. It didn’t really dry out properly, but in that the contestants didn’t have to made it I felt okay about it. I also had to make the Swiss meringue again as the sugar thermometer wasn’t working properly and I took it too hot.

Overall, I’m pretty astonished at how well it turned out! I’ve never made meringue very well before, but the French one was crisp and the Swiss one was still marshmallowy in the centre. It held its shape and looks very impressive! It was a complete ball ache to make though, and considering its pretty much the same components as an eaton mess I don’t think I’ll ever make it. I glad I made it though, as its boosted my meringue confidence and made me realise how far my piping skills have come.


My lovely friend Hannah was round for dinner and between us and the boyf we ate the whole thing in one evening. Oops!


Pros: best French meringue I’ve ever made! Pretty neat decoration, perfectly whipped cream and my violets looked okay in the end.
Cons: didn’t put all the violets on.

2 thoughts on “Great British Bake Off: Week 4

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