Great British Bake Off: week 3

Oh, bread. Bread is one of the best foods in the world, and I loved bread week on Bake Off. I still can’t get over the bread lion. Serious respect to Paul!

Bread is not one of my strong points. I don’t make it very often, mainly because the boyf is really, really good at it. So usually I just get to eat what he’s made! That said, I was looking forward to the baguette challenge precisely because it’s something I’m not used to making.

It turns out that not having the special baguette mat that was specified makes the shaping and second prove pretty tricky. What was even harder than that was transferring them from a flour-dusted, folded tea towel to the baking tray to get in the oven. In fact, I wholeheartedly failed at it.  To rescue my little bready friends I had to re fold and shape quite a few. Some had proved length ways too, so I chopped those in half to bake. Note to self: next time make them the same size as the biggest tray you own, not any bigger…

However, the worst mistake I made caused the untimely death of a beloved ceramic dish. I very stupidly used it to pour the boiling water into rather than a metal dish, and it made a horrendous noise and promptly cracked beyond repair. Not clever. The crust was great though, so at least the sacrifice was worth it!

Despite all the problems I had and how ugly they ended up looking, they tasted pretty fantastic! I’m not sure I’d make them again, as they were a bit of a faff, but with some butter and jam they were great while they lasted.

Pros: good irregular air structure inside, great crust, super tasty

Cons: not regular size, shape or anything else! These are probably the least consistent things I’ve ever baked.

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