Pea & Potato Fish Cakes

Brunch could quite possibly be my favorite meal.  It has the potential to be hours long, full of the tastiest food and lots of tea.

Eggs are the ultimate brunch food, but sometimes plain old eggs on toast isn’t enough.  Fish, potatoes and peas are a cracking combination and the perfect accompaniment for eggs. I thought that putting them into a fish cakes style would let me pop the egg on top.

Cutting though the egg the yolk oozes over the cakes and makes it even tastier (there isn’t a picture of this bit because I got carried away and ate it straight away!)

Pea & Potato Fish Cakes

This doesn’t really need a full recipe, just add the ingredients together and fry it in cakes, adding anything you fancy!

Pea & Potato Fish Cakes for 2

2 tins of sardines in oil (reserve 2 whole sardines for the top)

Cooked new potatoes

Cooked peas

Lemon Juice, to taste


Lots of black pepper

1. In a bowl lightly crush the potatos (leave in some texture to get lots of crispy bits) and mix in the peas and flaked sardines.

2. Pour in enough oil from the tin until the mixture starts to hold together when you lighly push it witha spoon.

3. At this point add in a big squeeze of lemon juice and lots of black pepper.

4. Push into patty shapes.

5. Fry in olive oil on a medium heat for approx. 6 mins on each side until crisp and brown on the outside and warmed through.

6. Meanwhile, poach eggs.

7. Top the cakes with an egg and a sardine, add another squeeze of lemon and enjoy!


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