Chocolate Teacakes

Tunnocks Teacakes are, to me, the ultimate food. I have to resist buying them, because I’ll happily sit down and work my way through a box of 10 with no qualms whatsoever.  I never even thought that it was possible to make them yourself until they were featured on The Great British Bake Off, and, to be honest, it looked a bit of a faff.

But then I sampled (several) homemade ones made by my boyfriend’s mum, and was completely bowled over. They were yummy, light and definitely tasted less artificial than the bought version.

So I bit the bullet, and bought silicone moulds.  Hopefully they’ll come in useful of other things, otherwise they will be the most ridiculously recipe-specific bit of kit to own.

As per my Bake Off inspiration, I used a Paul Hollywood recipe. I found that the biscuit needed quite a bit more milk than specified, but otherwise it was relatively easy, just time consuming!

The biscuits for the bottom have to be baked, cooled and then covered in chocolate, which did get a tad messy.  They were actually really tasty on their own (I devoured the left over ones), they’re not very sweet so taste a bit like scones.

After lining the moulds with melted chocolate and leaving to cool, I piped in the marshmallow filling.  The filling was really easy to make, and there’s now a jar of left overs in the fridge that I full intend to eat with a spoon at every opportunity.

The final, very tense, part was popping them out of the moulds. They turned out really glossy, which, given I didn’t temper the chocolate, I was pleasantly surprised by.

Now the only problem is, they’re really tasty and addictive to eat.  After a good few hours, including waiting for chocolate to set, they take only a  few minutes to hoover up.

Next time I make them I want to add a bit more salt to the biscuit to balance the super sweet marshmallow. I’m also having grandiose ideas about swirling salted caramel through the mallow….

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